What it means to be a Google Premier Partner

At Space & Time we understand that investing in the right digital agency is more important than ever. With the sheer number of agencies in the market, making the right decision on who should be your agency partner can be a challenge. To help companies cut through the noise and find a genuine, reputable and trustworthy agency, Google created their highly respected partner programme, with only the very best qualifying for Google Premier Partner status.

How to achieve this status

To gain Partner or Google Premier Partner status, an agency and its employees must demonstrate their Google Ads acumen by passing specific assessments – earned throughout the year on the Google Training platform ‘Skillshop’. These essential skills allow our teams to deliver exceptional work for clients. To maintain this status these assessments are updated on an ongoing basis to ensure our PPC specialists are constantly qualified in relevant skills and allow us to prove to Google that we are a top tier agency. Depending on the level of success attained within the programme Google will offer one of two Partner status types – Google Partner or Google Premier Partner.

Why is it important?

Becoming a Google Premier Partner puts us within the top 1% of Google Partners within the UK – impressive, right? – and keeps us at the forefront of the industry. Working closely with (and learning from) Google ensures that our clients stay ahead of their competitors. The constant changes and updates that Google introduce can dramatically influence the media strategies we recommend, so having our finger on the pulse is crucial.

Additional benefits

Google Premier Partner agencies receive exclusive additional benefits and services from Google – benefits that non-Premier Partner agencies don’t enjoy. These extra services include:

  • Business training
  • New business strategy consulting
  • Invitation to annual Partners summit
  • Dedicated account management
  • Vertical and sector insights direct from Google

The additional support and insights we can access give us the edge when it comes to building effective campaign strategies.

Additionally, we are also able to enter our work in the annual Google Premier Partner Awards. Last year we were nominated for our adoption of Google’s Smart Bidding strategies.

If you would like to learn more about how we can use our Premier Partner status to help your business, please get in touch with a member of our paid search team.