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Perfectly planned channel selections

Online media

What we do

Online media is a powerful tool. If you know what you’re doing, you can manage thousands of personalised customer conversations across multiple channels, devices and locations.

As your online media agency partner, we create targeted campaigns that hit the spot with pinpoint accuracy. Collecting and measuring data. Unravelling customer behaviour. Optimising, scaling and customising your message – for maximum impact.

Online media expertise

We know digital marketing inside out. We live it, breathe it and love what it can do for our clients.

As well as digging deep into data, it lets us test new ideas and scope out different strategies. It gives us the chance to be incredibly responsive. Spotting and capitalising on trends, and turning tiny ripples into waves of brand engagement.

We’re Premier Google Partners, Microsoft Advertising Partners, Facebook Marketing Partners, and are recommended by The Drum.

When it comes to online media, if anyone can, Space & Time can.

Planning and measuring for online success

Our first goal is to understand your business, the competition, your customers and what you want to achieve.

Planning is our map and compass. It not only defines the destination, but also helps us get there. Whether it’s brand awareness, customer acquisition, or lead generation you’re after, nothing happens without a plan.

To measure your online campaigns, we use a combination of metrics. Conversion rates, number of clicks, unique visitors, lead acquisition cost, brand lift, average order value… all informed by a great Insights team.

We’ll choose the best tools (and even create new ones if necessary) to help you define and measure your campaign goals.

Your online media partner

No client, no project and no approach are ever the same.

Sometimes we plan and execute every detail of a client’s online activity. Sometimes we dip in and out wherever we’re needed.

We can create your online media marketing plan, audit your current digital output, generate content, manage everything from A to B or support your in-house teams with training and development.

Whatever works for you, you’ll always have the best people on call and on your side.

“Experts in their field. The advice given by the team is always well balanced, professional and in synchronisation with our marketing strategy.”

James Clark
Sales and Marketing Director - Countryside Properties

"We often consider Space & Time an extension of our digital team. Their input to Digital strategy is immeasurable"

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