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Boosting your ecommerce

Amazon marketing

What we do

From selling books in a garage to selling every item under the sun, over the last 25 years Amazon has become a household name and the largest ecommerce site in the world.

But as we all know, Amazon is so much more than just a retail giant. With Prime, Kindle, Alexa, Echo and IMDb etc. it’s no longer just the worlds biggest online shop, it’s also one of the worlds biggest online media owners.

And with that comes an excellent opportunity for marketing. Whether you sell products on Amazon or not, this is the chance to reach highly engaged users across multiple devices, whilst shopping, watching TV shows and interacting with Amazon’s growing media presence.

Marketing products on Amazon

When it comes to marketing your products on Amazon, we look at a three-pronged approach to helping build sales in the short term but also increase visibility and performance in the long term.

Earned, owned and paid media all work together to increase a products overall visibility and presence on the site. Individually all three areas can struggle to deliver direct results, but bring them together and all three can help build momentum and really boost a products visibility:

Amazon advertising

Amazon now offer a range of advertising solutions for people selling their products on the site but also for companies who just want to tap into their extensive audience data and direct people to their own landing pages.

Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands offer sellers on the site a chance to appear prominently within the search listings, directing users directly to their products. Meanwhile through Sponsored Display and their programmatic DSP there is the opportunity to use display and video creative across Amazon, directing users to product pages or completely off to another website.

Amazon SEO

With so many sellers now on Amazon, getting your product to the top of the organic listings is harder than ever, but the fundamental principals of how to get there are all still focused on serving the most relevant and best product for the user.

From looking at an individual products title, images and description to building out Enhanced content and Stores, there are a number of ways to build your presence on Amazon and increase organic visibility.

If you’re interested in exploring how Space & Time can help you achieve your goals with Amazon get in touch today.

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