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Out Of Home (OOH) media

What we do

Share a moment with your audience

The out of home arena rewards creative planning and buying like no other. We buy millions of targeted moments for hundreds of clients each year, capturing the attention and peaking the imagination of the people you want to talk to across the country.

Out of home media gives your brand a physical interaction with the audiences in their everyday environments.  Outdoor is the channel that is constantly challenging the ‘art of possible’ in delivering impactful messages to audiences.

Convergence is the name of the game

Convergence is leading the charge in this medium where innovative tech advancement offers advertisers smarter targeted audience solutions.

Consider the flexibility of IP-enabled digital screens in public spaces as you’ll realise that brands today can deliver forms of content through this medium.

With rapidly increasing digitisation and accumulation of location data from smart devices that are ‘always on’, this versatile medium is changing and its constant evolution presents brands with options they never had before.

Simple, but effective tailored campaigns

Whether it’s a single panel offering directions to a struggling outlet or a national large-format campaign, outdoor media is one arena in which it pays to take professional advice.

Simplicity is often at the heart of this hard-working medium where creatives are seeing a rebirth of ground-breaking ideas that capture our attention. We can help you create powerful advertising experiences that put you in the shoes of your audience.

First up, we discover your audience by building a target persona and then make use of digital displays to recognise genders or use gaze-tracking and vehicle recognition to enable more precise targeting.

Many of our clients use traditional and digital outdoor formats to deliver high-impact, highly visual campaigns. Traditional or digital, static or mobile, target by area or by audience and daypart, we can tailor a campaign to suit your needs.

We find the optimal blend of solutions and make the best use of traditional and digital formats. We will define the best exposure rate for different environments or behaviours tailoring your campaign by audience and optimising its visibility.

Strong relationships drive positive results

We pride ourselves on having great contractor relationships which drives our ability to deliver the right campaign with the right results at the right cost, making maximum use of this high-impact, trusted media channel.

We design out of home campaigns to suit any objective, we will make sure you target the right audiences at a price that reflects market value, paying the best rates, importantly achieving the right results for you.

“Space & Time provide excellent service in every field in which we deal with them, from offline media buying & planning to online digital campaign strategy & search marketing, and they are an essential part of the CALA marketing effort.”

Allan Walker
Director of Marketing - CALA Homes

"Space & Time approach us with deals and opportunities, but ultimately only if it is the right fit and location for our brand strategy"