A question on many people’s lips these days is ‘what exactly is AI?’. Commonly, AI is a form of computer programme that learns how to complete intelligent tasks that are usually carried out by human beings.

Over the past year most of the major digital players have slowly been introducing AI-inspired solutions to the market, but in 2017 they are set to become mainstream and many marketers will be asking ‘How can we use Artificial Intelligence for our business and customers?”

AI is now appearing as both hardware and software. Amazon’s heavily advertised, Alexa-powered Echo product, Dot – Google’s Home Assistant – and Facebook’s Jarvis (created by Mark Zuckerberg) are now in the marketplace. ‘Virtual assistants’ like Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana are now commonplace and a plethora of AI chat-bot solutions appearing on Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and other apps and websites are being released weekly. In addition to this, other industries are looking towards AI to help them collate and refine working processes, to aid customer service, to automate machine-based processes and improve sales.

In the future virtual assistants may exist in many forms, but the major take up is likely to be among consumers in the home. This has the potential to normalise concepts such as talking to a voice-activated product and this forecasted ‘normalisation’ of AI engagement may well be the turning point for a number of industries who will want to listen to, engage with, inform and learn from everyone they come into contact with.

What will you be doing to take advantage of AI technology in 2017?

What exactly is Artificial Intelligence? https://youtu.be/kWmX3pd1f10
Mark Zuckerberg’s new ‘Jarvis’ AI product https://youtu.be/ZGLPxEv_EWo