Driving awareness is one of the main focusses of YouTube advertising.

According to Google, 68% of users watch YouTube videos to help make a purchase decision. So placing ads in front of these users is a key touchpoint. However, building awareness is not the only way that this channel can add value to a media schedule. Alongside the opportunity to display ads that promote your offering to users in the right mindset, Trueview for Action now utilises clear CTA’s to encourage viewers from the ad onto your site.

What is YouTube TrueView for action?

As the name entails, it focusses on driving action from an audience. At present, users will sit back and watch ads on YouTube, with very little incentive to click through to the site. With this new format, TrueView for action, we can now add clear CTAs onto the ad and title, helping to drive users towards a specific response.

The CTA copy can offer users the chance to ‘download a brochure’, ‘call today’ or ‘enquire now’. We can also control how we reach out to these users and encourage them to click through to the site. For example, you can repeat an action that was mentioned in the ad within the CTA button. If you mention making a booking, use that as your copy. Or if it was to request a viewing, you can add ‘request now’. You’ll have to bear in mind there are character limits, so keep your copy short and to the point.

Why should you give TrueView for action a try? Here are 3 reasons that motivated us to use this campaign format with one of our clients:

1- Drive users to your site

Using this CTA button next to your brand will make it clear to users what the next step is. As we have mentioned, YouTube users will sit back and consume advertising along with the rest of their chosen content. This can be an obstacle to driving response, because advertisements within a video context require no interaction and it isn’t always clear to the viewer what the next step is. This new format makes next steps more obvious and easier to take: you can offer users the chance to make an enquiry, purchase or download for extra information.

We decided to use this ad format and compare it to a normal in-stream ad. With the simple changes in an action campaign, our client Worx generated a 10% increase in CTR. This was all because we had the ability to include a button adjusted to suit the client’s branding, and a relevant CTA: for example, “Order Now.” This CTA button is key in helping users with their purchasing journey.

worx hydroshot youtube trueview for action ad

2- Bring awareness to your brand

Much like a normal video advert, TrueView for Action will help drive awareness of your brand. With video ads, you can enhance the user’s understanding of your business, letting them know how you can cater to their individual needs. By using this campaign, we have seen a 3800% increase in view-through conversions compared to our in-stream campaign. Simply by adding this feature, we have helped users become more aware of the brand. More users were converting after seeing this ad format, even if they did not interact with it. This is because our proposition is clearer, with users having a better understanding of their choices and how they can act next.

3- Generate valuable leads

It’s clear that this campaign is intended to focus on converting and driving user actions. If we only focus on targeting an in-market or custom infinity audience, we may not see a huge ROI. However, you can use remarketing lists with specific video messages relating to how they have interacted with your website previously. We recommend using a message which focusses on urgency through promoting seasonal offers. Where it is targeting users who have already visited your website, this format has the potential to be even more valuable for your business. This audience is already aware of your brand; they might just need a little more persuasion to convert.

This post was inspired by the amazing results we’ve seen from implementing a TrueView for Action campaign. You can read more on how we helped boost Worx’s Paid search performance here. If you want to delve more into our Google Ad’s blog posts, we have a whole Google Series discussing everything from Responsive Search Ads, optimising ads for mobile devices and understanding Smart Bidding.

PPC Team