With a strong attendance despite spectacularly inclement weather in many quarters, Effective Property Marketing 2019 was very well received this week. The event was co-hosted by Space and Time Media and Google, and brought together property luminaries from across the UK to hear specialists opine on the challenges of the current market, unearth learnings from previous downturns and demonstrate the insight to be gleaned from properly curated marketing data.

Striking an early optimistic tone, Mintel’s Marco Amasanti took the room through consumer surveys carried out through the 2008 property slump, demonstrating that even in the toughest times the impact felt by the core audience for new homes was relatively minimal. A similar point was raised later by Hitwise’s Emma Gudgeon and Lisa Luu who demonstrated that the digital activities of in-market property consumers evinced little concern over Brexit. Using a combination of demographic information and online actions, Hitwise were able to profile three distinct consumer groups and show how each interacted with changes to the market over time.

Space and Time’s Head of Insights, Tom Carter, illustrated the incredible growth in available marketing data over recent years and guided the room on how best to tease actionable insight from all this information through proper integration and the use of single-view reporting tools.

Google’s Hannah Fitton and Cathal O’Sullivan demonstrated the benefits of maintaining marketing spend through economic adversity and the value of combining brand with activation marketing through the new TrueView for Action platform.

Rounding out the morning, WhatHouse’s Editorial Director, Rupert Bates chaired an engaging panel discussion in which the audience took the opportunity to probe on a wide range of issues: if sentiment remained strong through 2008, why were sales so impacted? What learnings could be brought into the property sector from the marketing of other industries? What can a media agency do to help bring conversions over the line once they arrive on a website? What might the industry achieve through a more collaborative approach among developers?

With a broad range of developers in attendance, a fantastic venue at Google St Pancras and some genuinely insightful presentations, the day was a resounding success. We were massively grateful to all who attended for giving up their morning and braving the snow, and particularly indebted to our co-hosts and the team of presenters. If you weren’t there (or if you were) please keep an eye out for the videos and slides from the day, and do join us for EPM20 when it rolls around.

Ed Hill, Managing Partner