Hi there…

Firstly, I’d like to introduce myself as Brogan, a new addition to the Social team at Space and Time. Secondly, I must tell you that just over a month ago I joined the team at the Reigate office, (who by the way are amazing) and lastly, I’d like to share with you some more detail about my exciting new journey into digital marketing.

What am I here for?

In October I was kindly welcomed to Space and Time with a bottle of champagne and a lovely message from the whole team who were excited to meet me. I’m here as part of an apprenticeship programme alongside the company QA. I consider myself in learning mode whilst I’m an apprentice and I’m actively working on improving my Facebook advertising skills!

I am taking an exam late next year and studying at the same time, and while I am studying my job role at Space and Time is a Digital Marketing Apprentice. I work closely with the Social Media Team.

My advice to college students who are soon to be leaving is to know whether you want to stay in education or start work straight away. This is a crucial step to ensure you will be on the right path before leaving college.

My Routine – Day-to-day duties at Space and Time

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt since joining the team, it would have to be that every day is always different here. You will never be doing the same thing. I usually have a few routine tasks throughout the day at work, however, my to-do list does vary most days.

The morning starts with arriving at work by nine. I open my emails and set myself up for the day, planning what tasks I must do and what I could be doing. I also catch up with the team to see if any adverts have been approved by clients and what needs changing.

There will also be regular weekly tasks. For example, on a Monday there is always a Skype meeting with everyone in a specific client team from each office across Space and Time. I really enjoy this because it’s a way to learn names and faces as well as catching up with everyone and understanding how our social campaigns fit into a client’s other media activity.

On a Wednesday I work from the London office, learning other topics such as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), PPC (Pay Per Click) and Programmatic, and spending time with the S&T London team.

Most of my time is spent creating new and editing ongoing Facebook adverts for clients. I find that this is a useful skill to have and is important in my everyday job role.

I also can write blog posts for the S&T website which is updated regularly, and everyone has their chance to write a piece.

After a long working week there are usually Friday afternoon drinks in the office, to reward ourselves for all our hard work– this is obviously my favourite part.

I also get the chance to go to important meetings with media owners. For example, I recently attended a meeting with Snapchat which was a great experience and really opened my eyes to the industry.

How did I know I wanted to pursue media as a career?

Towards the end of secondary school, I found an interest in the media industry. I have always been a big fan of social media and how there are so many aspects to the industry. I then went onto college where I studied journalism for two years. I had such a great opportunity during college to have work experience in my local radio station – myself and a college group had our own radio show that went live every Thursday. I left college earlier this year and moved from a small town named Darlington in the North East to Mitcham in Surrey.

I moved here to start my career in media and now I’m achieving that with an apprenticeship here at S&T. I absolutely love it here and I am very excited for my future.

Brogan Hurst
Digital Apprentice