What is Facebook Watch?

Watch is a feature which has recently been released globally but has been in the US for over a year now. If you aren’t familiar, it is the play button on your shortcut bar or menu where videos are collated. These can be of various lengths: 1 minute up to feature length shows. Facebook aims for Watch to be exclusively shows in the near future. The aim of Watch is to help users discover and connect with content on Facebook on another level. It will also mean users will be spending more time on their platform compared to their competitors. Users will be able to save shows and be notified to watch latest episodes to create a more immersive experience.

It seems currently, the focus is to help build their engagement with users and create a hub for influencers who are seeking to monetise their content on Facebook. Which comes at a perfect time, as influencers are becoming infuriated at YouTube’s services. However, now creators need to meet specific standards such as 30,000 video views until they can permit an ad break.

This will also be beneficial for brands who are currently considering influencer strategies and are wanting to reach audiences on Facebook. The number of users on Facebook is double what there currently is with Instagram, and the success of influencer marketing campaigns are proving a concentration for brands strategies.

How can you advertise on Watch?

At this time, Facebook Watch is using the same placement as normal video advertising on Facebook: in-stream video. Although you might be considering why Facebook hasn’t put a specific placement for the Watch feature, it is a benefit for you. This means by choosing in-stream video ad placement you are not restricting yourself. Watch is still new to users across the globe. Instead, giving yourself the chance to display ads within the newsfeed videos and on Audience networks, alongside Watch.

The length of your ad varies on the length of the shows. Normal length shows have 5-15 second mid-roll videos. Whereas, longer length videos will have the opportunity for ads greater than 90 seconds. This will give your brand more exposure to users, yet, keep in mind the first 5-15 seconds are the most memorable. Therefore, keeping key messages at the beginning is advised to not lose users attention spans.

The targeting for Facebook Watch still remains audience based. Consequently, the latest exclusive shows cannot be targeted to display your ad on. This means all users watching will be displayed a variety of ads. Though, if your demographic is watching these shows you’ll have a chance to be displayed.

Why you’ll benefit from Facebook Watch ad breaks

You might be thinking there isn’t too much of a change, except a dedicated area for videos. You’re right. Yet, when more shows are produced we will see this shift in Watch becoming a platform more like YouTube. Possibly even morphing into a video streaming service like Netflix or Amazon Video, due to the original programming they’re looking to produce and the sports broadcasting rights they’re already competing for.

That means although the concept doesn’t seem too different, more users will be attracted to Watch. Therefore, we’ve thought of 4 ways you can benefit from ad breaks on Facebook Watch:

  1. Increase visibility
  2. Brand Awareness
  3. Large Reach
  4. Engagement


The criteria for having ad breaks on a creator’s video quite high it means the benefits for advertisers is greater. Pages must have a 3-minute video with 30,000 1-minute views. They also are required to have 10,000 followers. Consequently, this will guarantee the ad will have a vast reach and provide you with the above benefits.

Watch once again cements Facebook’s desire to put video right at the forefront of the channel. Intriguing, it is positioned at differing audiences, from users who want to watch their favourite vlogger to those who want to consume a tv series that you’d normally find on an Amazon or Netflix. Can Watch really entice both of those audiences? We’ll soon find out…


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