Stop what you’re doing! Sound the klaxons! Momentous occasion alert!!! This is destined to become a ‘what were you doing at 3:05pm on 16th September 2019?’ watercooler-banter-worthy moment for years to come…

At this time, on this date, Alison Murray (Senior Account Executive at Space & Time in Edinburgh) made our ONE MILLIONTH CLIENT BOOKING.

The booking in question was a Rightmove listings booking for the wonderful Miller Homes (for their Regent’s Gate development in Crossgates, Fife). Cue rejoicing, street parties the length and breadth of the country (well, on Hanover St in Edinburgh at least) and the deafening cacophony of champagne corks being popped. It’s understood that at least seventeen babies (female and male) born on 17th September were named Alison in celebration of this occasion*.

And – even better – our booking system didn’t go into a Millennium Bug-style meltdown!

This milestone in the agency’s history is a fantastic precursor to the celebrations that will take place in 2020 when we turn – 20!

A lot has happened since we opened our doors in Surrey on 17th January 2000. At that time, we had just two staff and now we employ 120 wonderful staff across five regional offices. The one million bookings in question translate into an astounding £497 million in client billings.

Through all the tears, laughter (and there’s been plenty of that) and toil we’ve experienced a lot along the way; weddings, the arrival of babies aplenty, a whole host of ‘agency firsts’ and the ceaseless expansion and development of our offering through the formation of our search, social, programmatic and – most recently – Insights departments.

The last 19 years has seen seismic changes in the way we live our lives and consume media, and we’ve experienced some truly earth-shattering (and often troubling) political shifts. We now spend more time on the internet than not on it. We live our lives through our smartphones and the explosion of social media has made the world a much smaller place. The seemingly inexorable pace of change – technological and societal – shows no sign of letting up.

One thing remains constant though; we still love what we do and the clients we do it all for.

Once again, hearty congratulations to Alison for her historical booking and many thanks to Miller Homes! Here’s to the next one million bookings…

*Not actually true