While many brands have been able to get their head around the uses and purpose of paid social, even some of the biggest struggle to manage their social media channels effectively – mainly because they don’t differentiate between their paid social strategy and that of their social channels.

Our experience in managing social media channels and paid social for a range of clients means that channel specialists at Space and Time are in a great position to educate brands on the difference between the two and how they can get the best out of organic and paid social channels. In our most recent social media advertising workshops we focused solely on social media management and the difference between the management of organic and paid social.

Many businesses tend to use their Facebook page as yet another commercial channel but that’s not the way we see it . In our view a Facebook page should be used to build a large, highly engaged audience that trusts your brand and – ideally – falls in love with it too, consuming your content every day and continuously buying – or at least buying into – your products.

This was one of the main points we emphasised during our recent workshop. We also discussed the different types of content you can produce on your Facebook page, the tone of voice you should employ on social media, the growing significance and role of blogger outreach and finally how you can measure the performance of your page. If your brand or business is struggling with any aspect of social media management, from paid advertising and content creation to blogger outreach, or you just want to know more, we’d be delighted to help.

As a first step to helping you move your social channels in the right direction we’re offering a free audit of your Facebook page. Contact [email protected] for more information.