A decade of mine at Space & Time

Back in March 2011 I was asked if I would like to work for a ‘fun and lively company who have a laugh but equally work hard and get the job done’. I still have that very email, and I remember thinking ‘surely this is too good to be true – to actually enjoy your job?!

I had my first interview with our Managing Director Sandy Gil, and her warm and welcoming smile made me feel part of the team instantly. Ten years later, I’m still very much part of the team at Space & Time and that opening statement was very much the truth.

My very first role at Space & Time was my first office-based role. I had previously enjoyed studying Film and Media at college so was excited to start working for a media agency.

On my first day in the Reigate office, I remember being very excited to have my own desk, somewhere I could have a plant and a pot of fancy hand cream. I still have the matching stationery set I purchased! I also remember there was a table in the office solely for cakes and treats, which was a spectacular moment in time!

Chris Jones, who is now one of the Managing Partners at Space & Time, welcomed me to the administration team and kindly showed me the ropes. The media landscape was very different ten years ago, with a focus on print and other offline advertising channels. Some of my initial responsibilities included looking through every newspaper and magazine to proof and check our clients’ adverts. Looking back now, even basic tasks such as this really helped me understand different formats, positioning, terminology, and our systems and processes.

Within a year I was eager to progress within Space & Time and look after my own clients. In the years that followed my role has developed and evolved within the client experience team, allowing me to become increasingly involved as a trainer for staff old and new.

In 2018 I was given the opportunity to undertake a digital marketing apprenticeship as part of my role at the agency. I completed my level 4 CIM qualification and was very grateful to be given such a valuable opportunity to grow my skills and knowledge. With the world of digital media evolving daily it’s so important for us to know and understand changes in the digital ecosystem. Space & Time invest a great deal in their staff’s development and that is something which makes me extremely proud to work for such a caring and nurturing company.

Over the last ten years I have seen the company grow from a relatively small team of 30 people to over 130 media professionals! I have witnessed the creation and growth of new teams, watched colleagues progress and flourish, worked through a worldwide pandemic, and developed some fantastic relationships with clients, colleagues and media owners.

I still work with some of the clients that I was introduced to on day one and I like to think of myself as an extension of their marketing team, and really value the friendships we have formed.

I love working within the client experience team as no two days are the same. One morning I’m investigating a poster which has fallen down and broken a fence and an hour later I’m planning a radio campaign. Working across both online and offline media platforms, every day at Space & Time brings something new and I really value the variety my job offers me.

So, a ‘fun and lively company who have a laugh but equally work hard and get the job done’’? Absolutely. This we do, and we do it well. I’m really proud to work for an expanding, award-winning media agency and I look forward to another decade at Space & Time.