Catalysing eCommerce Success: The Power of TikTok Commerce

TikTok have recently updated their TikTok Shopping feature to be TikTok Commerce, this suite supports a variety of eCommerce content that allows brands and sellers to sell their products directly on their TikTok account through 2 paths: Shop Ads and TikTok Shop. Both of which are only available to advertisers in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Shop Ads combine the best of TikTok’s existing eCommerce advertising products with new tools and features. This uses the Product Sales objective with TikTok Shop as the product source. The key benefits of Shop Ads are personalised recommendations to users based on interactions, fully automated, smart functionalities including creative automation and dynamic landing pages and optimised delivery strategies.

TikTok Shop enables you to run your business directly on the platform. With Seller Centre and Affiliate centre it allows businesses to manage their shop in a marketplace model, while also having the opportunity to participate in the Affiliate program to earn commissions within the app. Products can be discovered through Livestream, video content and Showcase (shopping tab under account profile) to enjoy a native shopping experience within the app so the user can have a seamless buying journey, with built-in payment solutions.

This evolution of eCommerce offerings has grown alongside the evolution of the platform as a search engine, Adobe ran a study that found 41% of users have used the platform as a search engine. The study found that TikTok is becoming more popular as a search engine due to the nature of the platform such as short form videos, personalised content, and the most up-to date information. TikTok have also introduced Keyword insights so you can see the trending words, within the industry and see related videos, so this information can be used to improve performance.

From an eCommerce perspective, businesses are starting to use TikTok as a marketing platform with 54% of business owners using TikTok to promote their business and on average allocating 15% of their marketing budget towards the platform. The main challenge businesses are facing, preventing them from reaching their full potential, is content creation. To support businesses on this aspect TikTok have introduced a creative tips finder and creative expert course. However, TikTok Shop and Shop Ads offers a solution for businesses on TikTok to adopt a more time and cost-effective strategy as the creative is automatically pulled from the product catalogue and dynamically served to the audience needing little intervention from the business.

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