Our Strategic AI Roadmap: Navigating ‘The Year of AI’ with Transparency and Commitment

There’s no denying that if 2023 wasn’t, undoubtedly, 2024 has emerged as ‘The Year of AI,’ capturing everyone’s attention through widespread discussion, exploration, and for some, a sense of apprehension.

In the opening piece of our AI content series for 2024 and beyond, I’m excited to unveil Space & Time’s vision for Artificial Intelligence!

Strategic AI Roadmap

Our approach to adopting AI is designed to bolster our roadmap for AI technology usage, fostering growth for both our people and our clients. The initial roadmap document, which has been shared agency-wide for complete transparency, outlines our objectives and the development strategy for our capabilities. At the core of this roadmap is our mission to deliver value through a profound commercial understanding of our clients’ needs. This evolving roadmap positions Space & Time as a frontrunner in AI, instilling the confidence to enhance our capabilities and cultivate our talent to navigate new challenges. It reflects our commitment to leveraging AI in a way that aligns with our values and drives client value, prioritizing opportunities that empower our team to focus on the most impactful and fulfilling work.

Space & Time has always been flexible and innovative, finding ways to leverage technology to create value for our clients and develop our people. We strive to excel in using AI creatively, providing real, effective solutions for our clients. We want to be recognized as reliable, responsible innovators who promote transparency.

The last few years have seen amazing changes. Instead of hurrying to deploy solutions without thinking about their value and impact, we are adopting a practical, adaptable approach. As the technology improves, we will continually assess and leverage our strengths.

Our AI Commitments

Our journey towards embracing AI technology commenced with a unified vision among our leadership team. We collectively decided to establish a benchmark with a series of Commitments that outline our approach to harnessing these transformative technologies. These pledges serve as a beacon, directing our investments and priorities in the realm of AI. They are deeply rooted in our in our values as a business: finding solutions, making a difference, and helping others grow.

I am delighted to share these with you all, Space & Time’s Commitments on AI:

Full transparency and a dedication to learning

Our AI Roadmap and Commitments are integral components available on our internal AI SharePoint page. This platform is accessible to our entire team, allowing them to engage with these resources at their convenience.

The SharePoint page is also home to tailored learning and development pathways for our staff. Recognizing the complexities of AI, we’ve established educational programs to demystify current and emerging technologies. As AI evolves, so do our extensive resources, empowering our staff with the knowledge to confidently converse about AI with colleagues and clients.

The AI Glossary Of Terms has proven to be an essential tool. With ‘AI’ often misused, the glossary helps everyone understand and have informed conversations about concepts like Machine Learning (ML), different kinds of AI models, and solutions like Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG).

We encourage our staff to actively explore AI technology. To facilitate this, we’ve formed the ‘AI Cosmonauts’ group. A collective of AI enthusiasts from various departments who share insights, readings, ideas, and experiences—both triumphs and setbacks—with their peers. The most impactful use cases, case studies, and lessons learned are then showcased on the SharePoint page for all to benefit from.

We’re just getting started…

We have laid the groundwork for the successful and ongoing integration of AI-enabled technologies. Our team is buzzing with anticipation for the potential that this technology holds, and as a company, we are dedicated to not only excelling in its implementation but also ensuring it’s done ethically and responsibly.