The Meta Agency Summit: A Recap

Miss out on the 2023 Meta Agency Summit? Not to worry, we’ve got your back. Here are our five key takeaways from the event:

The (underrated) power of online platforms in brand building

The way we’re optimising is being merged, combining brand & performance to enable a full funnel approach. This allows us to close the gap between brand level and performance objectives.

Three ways we can ensure this are through:

– Target Frequency caps to reduce waste

– Brand Lift measurement studies

– Ensuring brand safety and suitability by following safety guidelines.

Improve campaign performance and measurement with CAPI

Conversions API (or CAPI) is the automation that establishes a direct connection between an advertiser’s marketing data and Meta. One of the main benefits is maintaining high-quality event matching which in effect improves performance and measurement capabilities. CAPI can now be deployed across multiple accounts rather than just one, which facilitates maintaining accurate measurement and enhanced performance.

Supercharge your results with Reels

The conversation goes back to Reels, however this time looking at the ad format as an “additive” that can enhance BAU performance. Reels are a perfect example of a versatile ad format, allowing advertisers to repurpose content meant for other placements such as stories. Additionally “Reels spark action” with their engagement capabilities (like, comment, message) reaching new engaged audiences with higher likelihood to take action (follow, message, convert).

AI 2.0: the era of performance and possibility – AI Sandbox

We’ve been seeing and hearing these two letters for what feels like forever now, fortifying the ubiquity of the term. It’s nothing new in the ad ecosystem, however AI Sandbox is. This new tool enables advertisers to generate copy variations and image backgrounds as well as expand images, bringing down the barrier to accessing high-quality performance creative.

Brand building through connection

With AI improvements Meta is also investing in chatbot-powered messaging in advertising, enabling personal interaction, engagement, and conversion at scale. Whether your target audience is on Messenger, Instagram or Whatsapp, messenger ad offerings are here to drive consumer engagement throughout the whole funnel. Solutions contributing to this are Ads clicking to Messenger (CTM) and enabling offers or dynamic ads, as well as sponsored message ads for retargeting strategy.