The Privilege of Mobility: A Call for Disability Inclusion

While it’s no huge revelation to suggest that able-bodied individuals can take certain things for granted on occasion, taking a moment to reflect on this bias and to understand its potential impact can be a valuable exercise. It’s easy to overlook the daily challenges faced by people with disabilities, and trying to recognise this privilege of mobility is an essential facet of creating a more inclusive society.

One individual who has been at the forefront of advocating for disability rights and inclusion is Esi Hardy, the founder and owner of Celebrating Disability. Esi’s lived experiences and expertise have been instrumental in highlighting the barriers faced by disabled individuals and helping organisations implement strategies for a truly inclusive workforce.


The Overlooked Challenges:

Imagine boarding a bus without hesitation, climbing stairs effortlessly, or manoeuvring through narrow doorways without a second thought. These seemingly simple tasks can be insurmountable obstacles for individuals with disabilities. Esi’s own experiences, such as encountering a bus driving away or facing inaccessible transportation options, shed light on the immense effort and resilience required daily. It is a stark reminder of everything many people take for granted.


The Importance of Disability Inclusion:

Disability inclusion is not only a matter of basic human rights but also enriches our society as a whole. When we recognise and value the capabilities of disabled individuals, we create a society that is more diverse, innovative, and compassionate. Space & Time is actively working towards inclusivity.


Creating a Disability-Inclusive Culture:

Space & Time, in collaboration with Esi and Celebrating Disability, is actively developing a disability-inclusive culture. We are actively promoting disability awareness and hold inclusion training for all employees, managers, and leaders. In addition, we have implemented inclusive policies, and fostered supportive work environments. Continual assessment, inclusive hiring practices, and promoting inclusive attitudes are key elements of our approach.

Disability inclusion begins with each one of us. By raising awareness, challenging societal norms, and promoting empathy, we can build a world where everyone has equal opportunities to thrive. Let’s embrace the differences that make us human and work towards a future where no one is left behind.

Creating an inclusive work environment, seeking employee feedback, acting on this feedback and continual learning are essential steps we can all take to foster disability inclusion. Let’s strive for a society that values diversity, promotes inclusivity, and ensures equal opportunities for all.

Space & Time is proud to announce that we are now a Level 2 Disability Confident Employer, a scheme that Space & Time worked towards, to clearly demonstrate a willingness to adapt and change and support all who work here as well as future employees to come, to be seen as a role model that encourages other employers to improve recruitment, retention, and development of people with disabilities in the workplace.