Trans Awareness Week

In the latest of Space & Time’s Equal Bites lunch and learn sessions we were very pleased to host Oscar Hoyle, founder of Blossom LGBT CIC. Oscar delivered a compelling talk to our team to mark Trans Awareness Week, leaving us enlightened, educated and inspired.

Oscar is a non-binary individual and a passionate advocate for LGBT and the transgender community. Through a lens of empathy and respect, Oscar delved into the various experiences within the trans community, sharing personal stories that illuminated the challenges faced by many. One of the most impactful aspects of Oscar’s talk was their exploration of the prejudice, discrimination and violence that transgender individuals often face. Oscar shed light on the harsh realities of a community that is all too often misunderstood, emphasising the need for society to address these issues and work towards inclusivity.

A key focus of the talk was empowering the transgender community and how to be allies and create an environment that is respectful and supportive. Having an understanding of the use of pronouns was emphasised as a fundamental aspect of fostering inclusivity.

Oscar’s talk taught us not only about pronouns and the struggles faced by the trans community but also about the strength and resilience that defines the lives of transgender individuals.

It is through individuals like Oscar that positive change is cultivated, inspiring us to embrace diversity, challenge prejudices and create an environment where everyone is seen, heard and celebrated for who they are.