Unlocking the Future of Pharma Marketing

8 insights from our London Roundtable

At Space & Time Health, we’re devoted to unlocking the growth potential in each and every client. Which is why we recently gathered industry leaders and experts for an insightful roundtable event, hosted by our expert Health team, to explore the problems encountered when it comes to personalisation in pharmaceutical marketing. From raising disease awareness to promoting branded products and congress promotion, we wanted to put a spotlight on how tailored approaches can enhance the customer journey and drive engagement for our clients.

The event was a powerhouse of valuable insights and actionable takeaways, addressing the current barriers to true personalisation within the pharma industry and offering practical solutions. But don’t worry if you missed out, we’ve summarised the key takeaways below…

Building Positive Relationships

One of the primary themes was the importance of relationship building between clients and agencies. It’s crucial for agencies to ask ‘constructively critical’ questions, challenging the client’s perspectives and fostering a more dynamic and productive dialogue. This approach helps in pushing boundaries and achieving better results.

Defining KPIs with Precision, Collaborative Briefs and RFPs

Clear and detailed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are essential for success. Vague or loosely characterised KPIs can lead to misaligned goals and expectations. Precise KPIs ensure that both the client and the agency are on the same page, working towards common objectives.

Navigating Multi-Agency Setups

In a multi-agency setup, there are often degrees of separation that can complicate communication and collaboration. Additionally, the relationship with client-side stakeholders, such as procurement, can be asymmetrical. It’s important to navigate these dynamics carefully to maintain harmony and efficiency.

Assertive Agency Guidance

Agencies should take a proactive stance in guiding clients on their needs. Being assertive and providing a clear direction can help clients understand and prioritise their marketing strategies more effectively.

Overcoming Data Challenges

Data fluency and transparency are critical in today’s digital marketing landscape. Agencies, being external partners, often have less access to client-side information. Therefore, it’s vital to address the challenges of data sharing and ensure that data is utilised effectively to drive marketing strategies.

Enabling Personalisation with Efficient Processes

With advancements in technology like Generative AI (GenAI), personalisation can be enabled through more efficient processes. However, the end output is not always clear at the start. Agencies should budget for iterative cycles and efficiencies rather than relying on a single brief. The traditional hours/days model may be cumbersome, and a Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) value-add model often works better for achieving performance and lifetime value.

Addressing Data Misuse

Data misuse, such as failing to connect data from different sources like CRM systems, can hinder the development of a comprehensive omnichannel strategy. It’s important to integrate data effectively to maximise its potential and drive better marketing outcomes.

Challenges in Marketing Roles

Marketing roles within pharma brands are often stretched thin due to bandwidth, resource, and budget constraints. Brand managers and marketing leads frequently juggle multiple responsibilities, making it challenging to focus on strategic initiatives. Addressing these challenges requires a more streamlined and supportive approach from both the client and agency sides.

At Space & Time Health we are committed to leveraging these insights to enhance our strategies and deliver even greater value to our clients in the health and pharma sectors.

If you are a pharmaceutical marketing leader and want to explore how personalised pathways can transform your marketing efforts, we invite you to get in touch with us. Our experts can advise you on tailored approaches that drive engagement and enhance the customer journey.