Aitch Group
Insights and Research

£26 Cost Per Lead

245 Leads generated in the launch month

4.4% Conversion rate from web user to sales lead

The Challenge

To sell apartments within a new private development located along Regent’s Canal featuring contemporary open plan living for the modern London East Ender. We had to generate leads whilst also increasing the local awareness of the development.

Our Approach

We performed local research to interrogate the persona of prospective buyers based on the local area make up. We identified the audience as mid-senior professional urbanites living and working in London and went on to determine the dominant media channels consumed by these groups.

This was an especially time-poor audience when compared to other London groups and as expected, digital consumption across a range of formats was heavily overrepresented compared to other channels. Our strategy would therefore focused on the digital platforms and formats with highest penetration, allowing us to reach the largest number of people that fit our persona.

From here we adopted a two-phase approach; firstly, introducing the development to a cold audience to generate new prospects who were previously unaware, before following this up with a sophisticated remarketing strategy. This would involve further segmenting our most valuable prospects based on their upper-funnel behaviour, tailoring our bid and frequency metrics to deliver higher conversions in the form of call back requests. The full campaign solution would involve an omni-channel approach across our various specialist teams to deliver:

  • Paid Social (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Programmatic Display (IAB Banners, sublime skins, and rich media)
  • Paid Search
  • Tech and Integrations – Google Analytics Setup
Space & Time

Our Solution

Using audience insights & market research tools, we helped Aitch Group develop a deeper understanding of their target audience’s needs, wants & objections.

This insight was used to create an audience persona with the objective of increasing the relevancy of our advertisi ng. By doing so, this exercise helped to:

  • Produce actionable insights
  • Inform our client’s messaging to address personal values & common objections during sales process
  • Help improve performance across digital channels
  • Ultimately by delivering granular audience segmentation as added value, we were able to not only execute a campaign that exceed our targets, but provided Aitch Group with insights with value that reached beyond their media strategy alone, helping to inform their creative execution and product positioning.

Start your project

The team at Space & Time designed a communications strategy to engage prospects and convert them into leads for our development. This was executed with great success, exceeding our KPIs and providing us with a flowing pipeline of quality leads to convert into sales. Not only are they a very professional outfit, the team are a pleasure to work with too.

James Hicks Sales Manager, Aitch Group