Anchor Homes Recruitment

CTR increased by 534,219%

109 job applications

23% increase in conversions MoM


The Challenge

Anchor offer an impressive and growing choice of housing, care homes and services at almost 1,700 locations across England. With around 10,000 staff, talent attraction is a major focus for the organisation.

Our objective was to raise the awareness of the Anchor brand as a trusted employer and to increase the number of applications across all types of vacant roles across the organisation.

Our Approach

We proposed a multi-platform strategy across LinkedIn and Meta to reach a wider audience, while retaining demographic and geographic relevance through specific targeting across both platforms.

LinkedIn – this platform offers recruitment specific objectives. Due to the nature of the platform we chose to run a message ad where the people who meet the targeting criteria are all sent a direct message to their LinkedIn messages about the job from a person of their choice. This included an ‘apply now’ CTA.

Meta – we set up ‘always on’ recruitment activity with a prospecting carousel which featured brand content about the benefits of working for Anchor, including stats like ‘9,000 people choose us’.

Space & Time

Our Solution


This campaign delivered high engagement with 337 website visits and a CPR of £3.71 increasing awareness and traffic on the website of the brand as an employer. From the targeting and the two variations of the message sent out to the audience 2,778 messages were sent and 72% of these were opened (2,002), which is very positive.

This content delivered a CTR of 72.07%, which is an 34,219% increase MoM and exceeds LinkedIn’s benchmark CTR of 3%. Overall, this strategy has increased awareness of the brand in an employer capacity, increased traffic to the site and therefore job applications.


This campaign delivered 136 recruitment goals of these 109 were ‘job applications’ and 27 were ‘register interest’, which is a very high number of applicants from one month of activity and was very cost – efficient with a CPG of £12.50. Positively, this campaign also delivered conversions for the brand in general alongside the recruitment conversions, with 23 ‘online enquiries’ and 9 ‘brochure downloads’ for the specialist housing available. These conversions combined delivered a CPG of £10.12.

Overall, this strategy led to both a high number of applications and conversions and increased brand awareness on what Anchor can offer as an employer.


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Understanding of the platform and the opportunities available is unmatched and we’re so grateful to have access to their knowledge. We’re using the platform much more effectively and approaching our attraction efforts with a working LinkedIn strategy that didn’t exist a year ago. The results speak for themselves!

Rachel Horrocks Recruitment Marketing Manager, Anchor