Anker Awareness Campaign 

Engagement rate (CTR) target exceeded by 38% across all campaigns.

14 retailers across 4 EMEA regions to launch 22 new products


+117m incremental clicks delivered to retail partner sites

The Challenge

Our objective was to raise the awareness of the Anker brand across core European markets; Germany, France, UK as well as the Nordic and Benelux regions. How Anker differentiate themselves from larger global brands like Samsung is an ongoing challenge that is consistently at the forefront of all marketing strategies.

In addition, driving traffic to retailer sites, and subsequently delivering sales across various territories was the overriding goal, with several exciting launches taking place throughout the quarter for products including the Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro, the eufy Security Floodlight Cam 2 Pro & the eufy X8 Robovac.

Our Approach

In order to build the Anker brand it was crucial that we delivered a strategy that had a focus on both upper funnel awareness activity as well as lower funnel conversion activity to drive sales.

Space & Time’s client model – FullExperience – would be key here enabling us to seamlessly deliver a full service, hybrid, or in-housed support capability. With paid search controlled from their Beijing HQ we were able to integrate campaigns across additional channels.

These included Programmatic Display, Paid Social, Influencer and Out Of Home, coordinated to deliver a high-quality user experience. Programmatic campaigns would serve as the core channel to drive high quality traffic to numerous retailers across Europe in support of additional store and product listings.

We therefore knew this would be crucial to Anker meeting their competitive sales targets whilst simultaneously addressing the objective of raising brand awareness, which could be done efficiently through high impact display formats located across premium and relevant user sites.

Anker also had various promotional offers running in the buildup to the festive season, which was something that could be driven efficiently through programmatic display whilst continuing to raise awareness for the Anker brand.

Our in-house programmatic trading desk provided complex targeting capabilities allowing the campaigns to build extensive audiences throughout Q4, with campaigns running across all European regions targeting a variety of audience groups.

Space & Time

Our Solution

To support the various product launches throughout Q4 we identified Out of Home (OOH) as the most suitable medium to assist the ongoing programmatic display, influencer campaigns and raise awareness of the new products launching. The programmatic campaigns delivered strong engagement levels for Q4 and the average click through rate percentage surpassed the standard industry benchmarks significantly, with an average CTR% across the regions of 0.73%. This high level of user engagement with the programmatic campaigns translated to strong commercial success for the client, with Anker meeting sales target across their various product ranges, and notable uplifts in sales during the promotion periods that were driven by our programmatic campaigns.

In the UK, to support the launch of the new eufy Robovac X8 we proposed a 2-week campaign across the London Underground, consisting of three high-impact formats located across the most prominent, high footfall stations in London. Not only would this help create a buzz around the upcoming launch of the Robovac X8, but would give Anker the opportunity to display exciting, high impact creative across a premium environment, showcasing the innovative new product to a vast and affluent audience. With over 6.4 million views delivered across the 2 weeks and the campaign overdelivering by 189% in terms of overall plays and reach, this was considered a huge success by the client.

Anker also reported a noticeable uplift in sales throughout the 2-week period when the OOH campaign ran, ultimately proving the approach of coordinated digital and upper funnel OOH activity to be an effective one. This in turn has helped Space and Time secure further budget for future OOH campaigns.

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Building a presence in Europe marks a significant milestone for our brands and finding the right partner to support our digital strategy is an important part of the process. I believe we’ve found the right fit in Space & Time and I’m excited for what we can achieve together.

James Murphy European Marketing Lead, Anker Innovations