Digital Marketing Training for Fairview New Homes

The Challenge

The agency was tasked with helping upskill Fairview New Homes marketing team and develop their understanding & application of digital marketing.

The client’s objective was to become more self-sufficient and confident in the digital media landscape enabling their marketing team to successfully plan digital campaigns and review their success.

Our Approach

With an extensive list of training products, Space & Time’s team helped develop a tailored solution which would address the specific needs of the client.

The outcome was a comprehensive one day digital marketing training course which covered the key elements of digital marketing.

Over the course of the day, we discussed the current digital marketing landscape, changes in consumer behaviour, the latest digital trends, digital marketing tactics and channel strategies for paid search, social and display advertising.

Space & Time

Our Solution

Space & Time specialist Training team are experienced practitioners delivering bespoke training programmes and consultative in-housing products.

Our close relationship with the client meant that Fairview were able to liaise closely with Space & Team prior to training taking place. This pre-consultation ensured that our content was tailored, relevant and applicable to their business.

Over the course of lockdown one, two & three it was difficult to get face to face time. So to overcome this, we delivered training virtually via video conference. We used Fairview New Homes first party data to tailor the content towards their specific business needs, rather than just using standard of the shelf training material. This made it more relevant for training candidates and allowed them to visualise how digital marketing has impacted their business and can impact in the future.

Training was conducted in the morning and followed by an afternoon brainstorming session which allowed the team to demonstrate their learnings and how they can apply them to their own digital marketing strategies. The outcome was a clear roadmap to developing an Omnichannel solution to be implemented across all campaigns.

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The training Space & Time provided us with was crucial to Fairview’s development in understanding the digital landscape and aided our move into the digital age of advertising and reporting.

Helena Crabtree Marketing Manager