The power of OK

578,000 video views launched via paid media

59% increase in web traffic against the previous period

272 workplace sign ups and 324 new supporters

See Me wanted more people to openly discuss mental health within the workplace, and to reach out to the resources available online and through See Me’s workplace outreach programme ‘See Me in Work’.

The client wanted to build on the positive concepts used in previous campaigns but feature a more direct, edgy approach to get people talking, thinking about and sharing often difficult ideas and concepts.

Another challenge for the campaign was that one of the harder hitting video variants used edgier language, which meant planning across channels that would accept post-watershed content – never an easy challenge.

Our Approach

The ‘Power of Okay’ campaign would lean towards a focus on the workplace and would be led by a suite of video assets, so we knew broadcast channels online and offline would be key.

Digital activity for the ‘Power of Okay’ campaign targeted users of all devices across Scotland. It comprised of pre-roll video on YouTube, targeted native video placement served in contextually relevant environments, and a vibrant, varied suite of video and static ads within the Meta newsfeed environment.

As one of the last true ‘appointment to view’ media channels, cinema was the ideal platform for the offline video element of the campaign. Radio offered excellent audience reach and, alongside cinema, some of the lowest levels of advertising avoidance – the ideal platform to help deliver a strong call to action.

Space & Time

Our Solution

We reached a new audience with relevant, engaging content and delivering greater engagement with campaign assets and increased sign-ups for the ‘See Me in Work’ programme.

To wring out every possible success we proactively encouraged the sharing of See Me’s campaign content on our own social channels and the wider agency got heavily involved. We also bolted on as much added value as we could for the campaign – securing extra free of charge admissions for the cinema element and over delivery on the radio impacts.

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Great agency to work with, if you're looking to do really targeted media and wanting to reach a certain audience they are your guys.

Nick Jedrzejewski Communications & Public Affairs Manager, See Me