2024 Paid Social Predictions

2023 has been a big year for change in paid social, and 2024 is set to be even bigger, from AI to new formats for TikTok we’ve outlined our top five 2024 predictions.

A look to the future: AI on LinkedIn

AI is being integrated into LinkedIn’s interface with the “draft a message to the hiring team with AI” feature of job roles to profile improvement suggestions. This everyday use of AI is making the technology accessible to users whilst creating a new norm for 2024. In late 2023, LinkedIn also introduced predictive audiences, an AI-generated audience which is created from first-party data. The people in the audience have similar characteristics to your existing data source and are therefore more likely to convert.

My prediction for 2024 is that AI audiences will get smarter, and we may see the introduction of an integrated creative creation tool following similar trends we have seen on TikTok. This will give us more creative freedom and allow us to improve campaign builds and performance. We have already heard that Accelerate is in BETA testing which will improve the speed of campaign builds.

TikTok creative formats

Currently in BETA testing is a new format for the carousel which can use up to 25 images in a similar format to Instagram Stories. This update will surely pave the way for further formats such as single image and perhaps even slideshow, following other platforms. We think these new formats could be a game changer for brands that have struggled to create content for paid ads to date.

Space & Time is one of the agencies with early access to test the new carousel format so if you’re looking to test this, get in touch.

TikTok as a search engine

The way in which consumers are searching is changing: more and more consumers are finding new products, brands and services through discovery on platforms like TikTok. TikTok has already started to add related search queries with “others searched for” and “you may like” to its search interface. This allows others to find new content similar to what they would consume.

With the Google / TikTok partnership being explored on the platform this could look like search queries that lead outside of TikTok and onto Google to continue a search. My prediction is that if the Google search queries on TikTok go ahead, they will soon be followed by a paid ad placement on TikTok run through Google Ads. This could be a huge collaboration for both brands and have benefits for our clients and performance. The ads would bring more discovery to brands on Google that are more relevant to the content they are consuming.

If you want to hear more about the Google and TikTok partnership, you can read my blog here: https://www.thedrum.com/opinion/2023/10/26/google-and-tiktok-could-partnership-between-the-two-search-engines-benefit-both

Meta: Advantage+ prediction

The Advantage/Advantage+ suite of AI-centred ad solutions was first introduced in 2022, leveraging Meta’s most advanced machine learning capabilities. This includes a full-campaign solution for sales (Advantage+ Shopping Campaign), as well as individual solutions (budget, audience, placements, creative) rolled out across all campaign types. Towards the end of 2023, this suite of products has become Meta’s focus, with Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns now being the default set-up for any sales campaign. This campaign type offers a streamlined setup, as well as increased efficiency and greater scale and has seen undeniable results for ecommerce businesses. Moving into 2024, we expect further advocation for this full-campaign solution across all campaign types. My prediction is that engagement and lead objectives will be next to benefit from this full-campaign solution, as Meta is already focusing more on messaging tools within these campaign types, shown through the introduction of new features, such as the option to have leads sent straight to WhatsApp to interact with businesses and chatbot-powered messaging, as detailed below.

Meta Messenger Ads

With AI improvements Meta is also investing in chatbot-powered messaging in advertising, enabling personal interaction, engagement, and conversion at scale.

Main benefits of ads that click to message:

  • Be discovered by new customers – by inviting people to message your business may lead to more page views and engagement on your page
  • Build trust with personalised experiences – answering questions creates meaningful relationships that could lead to conversions
  • Reach people where they prefer to connect – this allows conversations to happen in Messenger, Whatsapp or Instagram.

Regardless of where your users are, messenger ad offerings are here to drive consumer engagement throughout the whole funnel, offering ads for prospecting and retargeting strategies.