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Google Analytics training

Being able to accurately measure and analyse your website performance is crucial to the success of your business.

What you’ll learn

Our Google Analytics training course has been designed to help you unleash the full potential of your data by arming you with a clear understanding of what can be measured, what the data is showing you and how it can help you make informed business decisions.

Who’s it designed for?

At Space & Time we strongly feel that Analytics is not just for the data or insights team, it’s something that is useful for all departments within a business and can be leveraged as much for finance, PR and brand marketing teams, as it can for that of digital.

How we deliver training

Our training courses can be delivered in a number of ways to best suit you. We can deliver virtually via video conference, face to face in one of regional offices or at your own premises. Courses run for 1 full day, can be attended by up to 10 delegates and start from just £80 per person.

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