Alliance Pharma

Over 13k visits to store

47% ad recall by exposed audience

33% uplift in likelihood to buy


The Challenge

From its origins in the UK over 20 years ago, Alliance has grown to become a significant international healthcare group.

The challenge with this brief was to specifically help to drive footfall into retailers and to drive offline sales. Prior to this activity, all spend had been focused online driving through to the Kelocote website. However, with a large majority of product sales happening in store we wanted to ensure that we were driving awareness close to the point of purchase to ensure that we were front of mind to customers, especially when faced with competitor brands and products.

Whilst we want to deliver maximum exposure and impact, we also wanted to ensure that we were as targeted as possible to minimise wastage and maximise ad spend and efficiency. The target audience for Kelocote is very niche – women 25-50 that have a scar requiring treatment, have a interest in beauty / health and a relatively high disposable income.

Space & Time

Our Solution


Programmatic OOH

We identified OOH as a channel that would drive maximum impact and awareness on the high street, close to the point of purchase. However, by buying a ‘traditional’ OOH campaigns there we risked there being a high amount of wastage, especially considering the niche target audience for the brand.

By using programmatic OOH, we were able to utilise real time targeting capabilities (through a combination of data, location and context) alongside mobile phone IDs to only ‘trigger’ the OOH ads when someone in our target audience was in close proximity to the panel. We also overlaid this with a store list provided by the client, and specifically targeted panels that were within 250m of the store.

Alongside the Digital OOH activity, we also ran a supporting mobile campaign specifically targeted the same users on their mobile phones, to increase frequency of messaging and for a truly integrated campaign.

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We have been working together on a strategic basis for several months now and we have not been disappointed. We see Space & Time as an extension to our team.

Jessica Gray Marketing Manager Consumer Healthcare, Alliance Pharma