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923% Uplift in web sessions

43% Uplift in online conversions

60% Lower CPA vs. client target

The Challenge

Chinese buyers were a key target audience for this development. However, the coronavirus ban on travel made it impossible for Berkeley Homes to hold their planned launch events to promote the site, normally the primary sales source. Our brief was to maintain enquiry volumes from this market and to promote a digital-led sales process. A successful campaign would therefore generate leads amongst HNWIs and investors based in China and the UK.

Our Approach

To focus our budgets into the primary locations we reviewed their top-line city sales data to understand Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong were the key cities for this development. We then developed a lead gen focused strategy using social, display and search.

This included the core giants externally to the Chinese firewall (concerning Hong Kong) and internal to the firewall (Shanghai and Beijing). From here we identified the highest used search, social, and display providers in each scenario. We then planned budgets against audience sizes which would achieve a frequency minimum of 1 with each channel, to deliver a minimum frequency of 3 by using 3 channels in each location.

From here we adopted phased approaches of prospecting and remarketing, evaluating our audiences whilst using test groups to identify both incremental opportunities and optimisations.

For the media candidates themselves, the campaign would focus on leveraging four primary platforms in order to deliver both middle and lower funnel presence:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Display (IPINYOU’s DSP)
  • Baidu Search

In addition to the benefit of providing both middle and lower funnel reach, we also selected the above platforms due to their high usage and data volumes.

Given the niche target audience both in terms of HNW and ‘in-market’ requirement, these data volumes would be key – enabling AI algorithms to drive maximum conversions with the greatest cost efficiency.

Space & Time

Our Solution

In addition to our comprehensive reporting structure we provided incremental supplier insight, reports and recommendations as added value.

Given the challenging Asian market, we adopted a bespoke approach to optimisation, involving fluid budget allocation fluctuating between prospecting and retargeting audiences.

In order to improve both conversion and CPA, we also implemented an agile and considered bidding strategy, continually revising bids for audiences based on recency of interaction with both ads as well as the client website.

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A massive thank you for all your help on the Foal Hurst Green, Paddock Wood launch campaign. We had a fantastic launch and received a record number of enquiries. This is an amazing result.

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