Funko Search Tracking

71% lower CPA for search retargeting

4.3x higher ROAS

4.96 ROAS in GA on a last-click attribution model

The Challenge

Funko, the world’s largest proprietor of licences, is an American company that manufactures limited pop culture collectibles, best known for its licensed vinyl figurines and bobbleheads from movies, television, comics, video games, Loungefly, Funko games, board games, and accessories.

In the world of digital advertising, understanding the true impact of your campaigns is crucial. While Meta ads don’t always see the highest last click return, they can be highly effective in driving consumer discovery. Through search tracking via custom conversions, we can begin to shed light on Meta’s halo effect in advertising.

Our challenge for this Funko campaign, was to increase insights into the discovery our Meta ads were driving for.

Space & Time

Our Solution


Meta’s custom conversion feature means we could create metrics within the platform that allowed us to track the number of people who had landed on the website from using a search engine, such as Google, after seeing or clicking on one of our Meta ads.

This works by setting up custom conversions using the ‘referring domain’ and ‘URL contains’ parameters and inputting filters to ensure we only pick up website visitors who came through search domains. Depending on how your paid search URL tracking is set up you can split this simply into ‘paid’ and ‘organic’, or you can dig deeper and split them by campaign types, e.g., ‘brand’, non-brand’ and ‘performance max’.

For Funko we split these into individual conversions by campaign types, ‘brand’, non-brand’ and ‘performance max’, as well as ‘organic’. This means we can see how our ads are driving different types of searches.

We also set up a retargeting campaign using an audience of people who had searched on Google and landed on the website from a paid ad, meaning we could continue to target customers who are highly engaged in our products after they had typed in a search and visited the website but failed to make a purchase.

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It's always been a challenge for us to effectively measure the true impact of our Meta campaigns outside last-click attribution. These additional data points have given us the confidence that Meta is contributing to conversions beyond the initial click.

The Space & Time team were able to set up the conversion events for us without fuss and talk us though the results/impact and what that means for our future budget allocations across channels.

David Pool Digital Acquisition Manager, Funko