Immaculate Vegan Brand Engagement

68% increase in purchases

82% increase in clicks & 46% reduction in CPC

33% improvement in ROAS

The Challenge

Immaculate Vegan, a burgeoning DTC startup, recently navigated a successful fundraising phase. In the wake of this financial milestone, the company was faced with the challenge of optimising its limited budget to ensure maximum profitability and achieve substantial growth.

We were tasked with propelling Immaculate Vegan towards heightened visibility, increased customer engagement, and, ultimately, enhanced profitability.

Space & Time

Our Solution


Advantage+ was implemented as the primary e-commerce strategy across the Meta account, in order to drive sales.

This enabled more efficient machine learning to identify high value customers and streamline set-up and ads.

Alongside this change, ad tests were carried out to identify the best performing format and creative combinations to help boost engagement. Increasing CTR was imperative as results show as CTR increases, ROAS increases.

Despite facing a challenging YOY budget decrease of -9%, the strategic transition to Advantage+ yielded remarkable results for our campaign. Purchases surged by an impressive 68%, indicating a substantial increase in customer conversion. Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) saw a notable boost, marking a 33% improvement in the efficiency of advertising investments. Clicks skyrocketed by an impressive 82%, underscoring heightened user engagement. Furthermore, the Click-Through Rate (CTR) experienced a positive uptick, reaching 3%. Additionally, the campaign’s cost per click (CPC) witnessed a substantial reduction, plummeting by an impressive 46%.

A shift to Advantage+ not only mitigated the impact of budget constraints but also led to significant enhancements across key performance metrics, showcasing the effectiveness of our strategic approach.

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We have been delighted with the work Space & Time have done in improving our Meta performance. They put together a great strategy and solutions, which have hugely increased efficiency, engagement and sales. We have been impressed with their strategic thinking and responsiveness; the results speak for themselves.

Annick Ireland Immaculate Vegan