Ocean Saver Amazon Marketing

Optimising Amazon listings to drive sales volume

+84% YOY increase in product page traffic

+310% increase in sales YOY

Conversion rate >2X on product pages

The Challenge

We were keen from the beginning to help OceanSaver make the move from start up to household name. Our goals were to drive traffic to the product page and increase sales on Amazon.co.uk by optimising their product titles, listings and brand content.

Ultimately we were challenged to educate people who landed on OceanSaver’s product pages in order to increase sales, boosting their Amazon SEO in the process.

Our Approach

Amazon SEO optimization was suggested as part of a wider Amazon strategy. Updating and improving the listings made for better UX and search rankings, ultimately boosting sales for a relatively unknown brand in the eco-friendly cleaning space

By creating additional (A+) content, improving graphics and informative copy, we were able to give consumers context around the product, driving Amazon’s search relevance for them.


Space & Time

Our Solution

Optimised product titles – extended and included good keyword spread.

Optimised product bullets – more information about specific products; why to buy and how to use them.

Detailed product description – keywords, how to use, benefits etc.

A+ content – creation of how-to use graphics and brand blurb to give consumers context about this eco-friendly product. All helping to set it apart from competitors as well as showing other products in the range, to promote multiple purchases and increase order value.

Following which OceanSaver’s product page conversion rate soared from 25% to 55%.

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It’s been great working with Space & Time over the past four months. Rarely do you find an agency that truly emerges themselves in your brand. Everyone from PPC to Paid Social feels like an extended part of our team, which is incredibly valuable when you are a start-up. The level of analysis and insights we receive on a weekly basis is fantastic.

Ollie Vidgeon Head of Digital & Ecommerce at OceanSaver