Taylor Wimpey

Driving footfall through hyper-local mobile display

2.27x incremental uplift in footfall

40 mins dwell time per exposed visitor

£14 cost per additional visitor

The Challenge

The property market has experienced Brexit related turbulence; resulting in Taylor Wimpey needing increased footfall to their housing developments across the UK.

We were asked to go beyond traditional online conversion metrics such as site interactions like downloads, or phone calls, and instead were tasked with driving incremental footfall to 10 Taylor Wimpey developments. Crucially, we were tasked to then increase the dwell time on the actual developments themselves for the target audience, to demonstrate lead quality as well as quantity.

Our Approach

Working with Taylor Wimpey we identified audiences with a high propensity to move home in the near future. Targeting featured a variety of data metrics from geo-fencing, to duration of current address, life-stage analysis, and financial means/eligibility.

The solution would focus on leveraging Space & Time’s proprietary mobile-targeting technology – PrecisionM, developing a strategy for targeting these in-market ‘house mover’ audiences and could then accurately measure the footfall uplift.

To provide transparency to Taylor Wimpey and ensure reliable attribution and ROAS, the overall
in-market audience was split into two distinct groups;

  • The exposed group who were shown the Taylor Wimpey ads
  • The control group, who were not.

To monitor the analytics and provide insight, mobile devices were tracked and analysed to measure against the key KPIs of both footfall uplift and dwell time.

Space & Time

Our Solution

Our targeting went beyond mitigating wastage, to an extensively dilligent approach, enabling us to be extremely relevant and effective, working to target users who were likely to have a high propensity to move home in the near future despite the disruption to the market. We further broke this down into audiences who were likely to be interested in specific types of purchases – for example ‘Help To Buy’, ‘Downsizers’ or ‘First Time Buyer’ audiences.

Different audiences were applied to each development based on their key characteristic: e.g. a development with lots of family features had ‘family home mover’ targeting applied. This not only facilitated the best possible use of creative messaging, but the granular audience segmentation subsequently provided greater optimisation for retargeting.

Not only did we increase footfall and dwell time from users exposed to the campaign, but we also provided full transparency on the campaign results: We were able to deliver performance by creative sizes and by development.

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Always responsive to communication in a timely manner. Very good at suggesting new forms of digital advertising and explaining how they work and how they can benefit our business even to those who are not so digitally savvy.

Laura Green Social Media Lead, Taylor Wimpey