Banging on about data – The Drum Recommends Award 2019

It has been another strong year for our Recommended Agency Register feedback (now known as The Drum Recommends). We are always excited to read what our clients have to say in this anonymised survey and this year was no exception.

A small coterie of Space & Timers were in an ebullient mood when attending the Marriott Grosvenor last week for the Drum Recommends Awards. Armed with ten shortlist positions for a wide range of services, expectations among the team were high, and the evening didn’t disappoint. Besides the “best haircut” gong awarded to Senior Account Manager James Spencer by the evening’s comedian, we were all delighted to come away with the award for Data.

The past year has been pivotal for Space & Time’s Insights team, not least in working with clients to navigate the choppy waters of GDPR and investing a considerable amount of time and resource into building up our integrations and market research support.

Clients at our Effective Marketing event

Our inaugural Effective Marketing event at Google London in January showcased our continued commitment to listening to our clients, understanding their industry and working effectively with our world-class media partners to provide data initiatives to benefit brands and customers alike.

Expert data handling doesn’t stop with our Insights team though.

Throughout Space & Time we work closely with all specialist media teams and account handlers to speed up reporting, analysis and action to make budgets work harder and audiences come to life.

It was a delight to have our work in this area recognised by our clients in this way and we look forward to receiving further recognition and accolades over the coming months.