Google Marketing Live: A Recap

Did you miss out on Google Marketing Live 2023? Not to worry, we’ve compiled our five key takeaways from the event in one handy guide.

1. To sum it up, two letters; AI:

When Google Marketing Live started in 2013, the ad industry was in the midst of a major shift – the move to mobile. Fast forward ten years and AI is similarly transforming our industry. It’s not about AI replacing humans, it’s about reskilling as a marketeer in order to give AI the right prompts, and essentially tuning the AI to work better over time.

2. Multiply creative performance

Starting in July 2023, conversational AI will be introduced into Performance Max & Search campaigns, meaning advertisers can build ads based from a URL and overlay conversational AI to adapt and change images and text to create tailored AI driven ads for their product or service.

For example, you can physically ask Google’s AI to include more information about your brand’s eco-friendly/ sustainability offering and Google will create an array of compelling copy for you to choose from. A new tool, Product Studio, has been launched to overlay creative AI on product assets to adapt your product images, meaning less time and money spent on photo shoots and new creative. Product Studio will allow you to create dynamic backgrounds or even sharpen low-res images.

3. eCommerce – new Google Merchant Center

By 2024 the new Merchant Center will be rolled out to everyone. A simplified interface means you won’t need a feed to advertise products on Google. Even if you have a website with products, Google will automatically create a product feed for you based on attributes on the site, using generative AI to add any images that may be missing.

4. Performance Max updates

Improved measurement and insights will become available with asset group level performance. Campaign level brand exclusions will generate more control. Generative AI creative tools will provide rich and versatile creative. New lifecycle goals, re-engagement betas, and new customers acquisition (NCA) with high value

optimisation are just a few of the upgrades coming, alongside improved NCA insights and reporting.

5. Google Ads – new campaign types

Two new campaigns were announced, providing a fresh take on ways to generate more YouTube views and Demand Generation. Video View, a combination of skippable in-stream, in-feed ads and shorts to generate the most views as possible. Demand Gen, will show across YouTube Shorts, In-stream, In-feed, Discover and Gmail to drive conversions using a new lookalike segment builder to help advertisers reach their target audience.