How to benefit from Influencer Marketing

2018 has been the year of influencers. You could say they are taking over, however, that sounds quite negative. Rather, companies are seeing the potential of influencers and how their reach and engagement can benefit them. This has meant that they are increasingly becoming a key component for a brands marketing strategy.

This is the first post to kick off our latest blog series focusing on the zero moments of truth in Travel. Over the next few weeks, we will be discussing all aspects of social media marketing, from strategies to insights, unpicking the intriguing industry of #Travel.

Here comes Generation Z

Younger audiences are spending more time-consuming digital media than TV. If you are targeting Gen Z’s and haven’t thought where they consume the most media, then it’s time to reconsider your strategy. Media Kix shares that 85% of Gen Z use social media to learn about new products. They are searching for product information where they spend most of their time: social media. Fullscreen’s study with Gen Z’s identified that 30% have bought a product recommended by an influencer compared to 20% who purchased a product endorsed by a traditional celebrity. This is because they have a great deal of trust in influencers and by working with the right ones who connect well with your audience, you can generate a boost in your brand’s performance.

Have you considered Micro-Influencers?

There are different types of influencers – I know, couldn’t they make it easier? Much like you see A-list and Z-list celebrities, we have micro, macro and mega influencers. Your typical million+ follower influencers are mega influencers. However, we think you should take some thought into micro influencers. These are users with less than 10,000 followers and can connect with their audience on a more personal level. We’d recommend that you try micro-influencers as a starting point for your social media strategy. Not just because they can connect with your audience better. However, in a recent survey by Collective Bias, only 3% of consumers were influenced by celebrity recommendations. Users can relate to micro influencers and trust their recommendations as they are like them.

To ensure there is reach of your campaign you must work with a group of micro-influencers to achieve a return on investment. These influencers don’t charge £100,000 for one post compared to your mega influencers. You are able to work with more of them and reach more users whilst still retaining a sensible budget.

Instagram is the hub for Influencers

Instagram has taken over influencer marketing. This comes as no surprise; Influencer Marketing Hub reveals Instagram is a favourite for influencers. This is because of the ease of reaching users and the simplicity of the app. Additionally, 92% of marketers chose Instagram as the most important platform for influencer marketing (Linqia). The rising popularity of influencer campaigns on Instagram goes perfectly with the strong user growth. With this, Instagram had added Stories and IGTV, giving it a variety of methods to engage with users.

If you want to start off with a smaller more controlled influencer campaign, we advise Instagram. You can decide how you want influencers to promote your product, be it just a post or a post and a story. Rather than requesting other platforms too.

Beauty and travel industries are taking advantage of influencers’ reach on Instagram

Both industries utilise Instagram as a marketing channel as they suit visual recommendations. Users like seeing how others use the products and dream about their next holiday, which is why these industries are thriving. Nonetheless, most brands can exploit the nature of Instagram with an influencer marketing strategy in one way or another. Yet if you think that Instagram is not the right platform for you, you might find Facebook or YouTube is a better option.

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