The new normal

As the old adage goes, these things are sent to try us. The last few months have certainly been trying for businesses globally. With more eyes on brand output (there has been a 16% increase in social media use during Covid-19-imposed lockdown in the UK), your content and the messages you are sending to your customers are ever more important.

Where you may have had a seemingly fool-proof content strategy in place BC (Before Covid), that will presumably have had to adapt to fit in with current circumstances and it’s as important as ever to understand what kind of content you should be putting out. You should always refer to your existing strategy and adapt this, taking into consideration the current climate. Here are a few things to consider when planning content:

  • Brand – what is your current narrative and how can it incorporate current events in a sensitive way, whilst remaining consistent? Are there relevant topics you have the authority to speak about? How can that help mitigate your customers’ concerns?
  • Social listening – what are your customers and target audience saying on social media? How can you leverage this information and use it to inform your content strategy and alleviate any potential issues that may stop your customers hitting the ‘buy’ button?
  • Search and SEO – what are the current keywords surrounding your brand? If you’re a property developer, what virtual viewing options can you offer to people who can’t get out? If you’re a financial institution, how can you reassure your customers that their money will be safe during times of economic uncertainty.
  • Staying up to date – what’s being spoken about in the press and media? Whilst this will change on an almost daily basis, staying on top of the news agenda will help you to know what people are talking about, allowing you to be reactive and stay current.
  • The customer is king – keeping an eye on your community is imperative. Once you get a handle on what issues or queries your customers have, you can adapt your content strategy accordingly.

A data-driven content strategy is a successful one. During a crisis, keeping your finger on the pulse of an ever-changing landscape will mean that your content will always be informed, timely, relevant and will ultimately resonate more with your audience.

These are (to coin another hugely overused phrase) unprecedented times. Adapting your marketing strategies will involve some trial and error, but that’s fine. Following the five points outlined above will help to ensure your content is always coming from an informed place and will be created with your customers in mind, and you can’t get much better than that.