Top tips for using LinkedIn paid advertising for pharmaceutical congress

One essential means of raising awareness ahead of in-person attendance at a pharmaceutical congress is a well-targeted, tactical social media campaign. In order to ensure you are following channel best practice when running pharmaceutical congress advertisements, you must consider audience metrics, sizes, and testing for the best results. Here’s a summary of my top five tips for marketeers operating in the pharmaceutical space.

1) Adhere to audience best practice where possible

One of the hardest best practices to navigate relates to optimal audience size, which is a minimum of 50,000 to 500,000 on LinkedIn. For pharmaceutical companies, who are usually trying to reach a smaller number of HCPs in one specific therapy area, meeting this bar can be challenging, and campaigns usually use lower than 50,000 (depending on the number of countries the indication operates in).

We always propose trying to work to audience best practice as this can impact performance and a campaign’s ability to run. However, we recognise this isn’t always possible and can provide options and opportunities to broaden or narrow audience scope.

2) Reduce wastage where possible

To reduce wastage, include a robust exclusion criterion which can ensure you are targeting only relevant HCPs. This will reduce the number of users seeing content who are not relevant e.g. audiences that work in Sales and Marketing or Operations.

3) Ensure you have five ads running

LinkedIn have said that by including five ads, performance can be improved. They state that on average, advertisers see a +20% or greater improvement in click-through rate (CTR)* from this technique.

LinkedIn also have frequency caps to avoid ad fatigue, and by including five ads in your strategy you can avoid these caps, reaching more people in your audience and allowing you to gain insights on the content that resonates.

4) Test formats and copy

As mentioned, best practice is to include five ads. In order to ensure proper differentiation between these executions, and to provide opportunities to optimise performance, make sure you include copy or creative variations along with different text formats such as video, single image and video.

For more advanced marketers, we propose testing message ads, multiple format lead generation and document ads.

5) Report back on audience insights

LinkedIn has comprehensive audience insights from audiences built in the platform, including job function, seniority, location, years of experience, skills, job titles, company, company size, industry and company growth rate.

These are not only options for targeting in the platform, but metrics that can validate the success of your campaigns or highlight the need for refinement.

* These are averaged benchmarks calculated using aggregated data from advertisers on LinkedIn (LinkedIn, 2023).

For further queries about running advertisements on LinkedIn get in touch at [email protected]. Also ensure you are following your country specific guidance before advertising to avoid legal complications, example bodies include FDA and ODPD.