Unleashing the power of paid search for Pharma brands

With its ability to communicate targeted marketing messages to in-market consumers while remaining compliant with regulations, paid search advertising offers a myriad of benefits for pharma brands in the healthcare industry: for this sector as for so many others it is an essential tool for the effective engagement of a relevant audience.

Let’s explore some key advantages of paid search advertising for pharma companies:


 1. Targeting Healthcare professionals

Paid search advertising enables pharma brands to target healthcare professionals precisely. By leveraging Google’s extensive reach and ad targeting options, pharma companies can ensure their marketing messages reach the right audience at the right time, resulting in higher engagement and conversion rates.

With the pharma sector having a more select and significantly smaller target audience than many others and a commensurately greater risk of targeting inefficiencies, the creativity and experience of the search specialist is vital here, ensuring that the various opportunities offered by Google to refine targeting are fully leveraged to the client’s benefit. This might include the creation of custom segments or remarketing lists, or using exploratory upper-funnel display activity through Discovery or the GDN to inform the targeting used for lower-funnel search activity.

In-depth keyword research is particularly important for this sector too: pharma brands must conduct thorough research to identify the most relevant and appropriate keywords that resonate with healthcare professionals. By using the right keywords, pharma companies can ensure that their paid search ads are displayed, so far as is practical, exclusively to healthcare professionals, maximizing the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Researching and refining ad copy and creative also plays a role: it will be inevitable that even with the most-targeted keywords there will still be a volume of searches made for relevant keywords by people who aren’t the true intended audience. To reduce wasted clicks and de-risk a high bounce rate, ad copy needs to be highly relevant to the healthcare profession and be clear what the landing page will provide.


2. Compliance with Pharma regulations

Pharma brands operate in a highly regulated environment wherein ensuring absolute compliance can be as intricate as it is crucial. Paid search advertising offers a compliant avenue to communicate specific marketing messages about therapeutic products without breaching pharma regulations. This ensures that the messaging remains ethical and compliant with the legal requirements of each specific territory.


3. Promoting Pharma brands across therapy areas

One of the remarkable advantages of paid search advertising is its versatility across almost all therapy areas. Regardless of the specific therapeutic focus, pharma brands can leverage paid search ads to promote their products to healthcare professionals. This flexibility allows them to increase brand awareness and connect with their target audience effectively.


4. Synergy with other media channels

Paid search ads can be seamlessly integrated with other media channels to amplify their impact. By combining paid search with channels like social media, display advertising, or content marketing, pharma brands can create a cohesive and comprehensive marketing strategy. This holistic approach ensures a consistent, cohesive and comprehensive brand presence which enhances engagement with healthcare professionals.


5. Data-driven insights

Paid search advertising provides valuable data and insights to pharma brands. Through robust analytics and reporting tools, companies can track important metrics such as click-through rates, conversions, and keyword performance. This data-driven approach allows brands to optimise their campaigns, improve targeting, exclude irrelevant audiences, and refine their messaging for better results.

Further, the learning points offered by the rich seam of data Google produces can be used to enhance other areas of the marketing mix, refining messaging and helping to drive down ROAS across the full funnel.


At Space & Time Health we specialise in healthcare media and are well-versed in the intricacies of paid search advertising. Our team of experts routinely help pharma brands navigate the complexities of this dynamic and highly regulated landscape, providing tailored strategies and solutions to achieve optimal results.


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